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TruckersEdge offers the best paying loads form the best brokers and shippers on the leading load board for owner-operators and small carriers. TruckersEdge is powered by the DAT® Network of loads and trucks, well known in the transportation industry as the industry’s leading load board. TruckersEdge gives drivers access to the largest database of freight in the industry, with over 250,000 new loads posted every day along with unlimited posting and searching, broker days to pay/credit scores, alarm match notification, mileage and routing, phone-in posting and searching, market rates and access from virtually any smart phone.

TruckersEdge provides excellent value at an affordable price. Thousands of truckers use TruckersEdge every day to find freight loads for their backhauls.TruckersEdge offers two levels of service, with a multitude of research tools:

TruckersEdge Standard Package ($34.95) includes:
Unlimited load searching and truck posting
Broker credit scores and days-to-pay
Mileage and Routing information
Hot States – Load to Truck ratios
Alarm matches for live notification of loads that match your searches

TruckersEdge Enhanced Package ($49.95) includesAll of the above, plus:
Voice (Phone-in posting and searching)
market rates
Trip Analysis Tools

TruckersEdge Pro Package ($99.95) includes all of the above, plus:
Tri-haul routing
15-day Spot Market Rates
Canadian Database of Loads

On average, DAT freight brokers pay 2.5 days faster and have the highest credit scores in the industry. Find the highest paying freight from the largest database of trucks and loads in the industry.

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